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ACE Pencil Hardness Tester


ACE Pencil Hardness Tester paint films Scratches Tester, 500, 750, 1000G 3 in 1

-Be generally used to measure the hardness of paint and other coatings.

-Coating hardness is the paint manufacturing, paint use (coated table) industry will determine the quality of the measured indicators. Pencil Scratch Test Coating hardness is a widely accepted test method since the 1980s. China has also been in the development of paint research and industrial production to promote this test method.

-The instrument is based on national standards "coating hardness pencil measurement method" "GB6379-86" the first 2,3 of the manual operation and design and manufacturing.

-The instrument can be used in this laboratory, can also be used for construction site, and in any direction on the hardness of the coating test.

ACE Manual Pencil Hardness Tester standard configuration

1.Pencil hardness tester * 1

3.Pencil sharpener * 1

5.Eraser * 1

2.Mitsubishi pencil * 14

4.Gasket * 1

6.Weights * 2

ACE Manual Pencil Hardness Tester Technical parameter

Measurement angle
45 degrees
Measurement grade
Mitsubishi pencil *14
( 6B.5B.4B.3B.2B.B.HB.F.H.2H.3H.4H.5H.6H ).

Working principle

-The instrument is mechanical, three-point contact with the measured surface (two for the wheel, one for the lead) always ensure that the pencil and the measured surface to form a

45 ° angle, used to promote the instrument movement, you can complete the test process.

ACE Pencil Hardness Tester,

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ACE Pencil hardness tester paint films Scratches Tester...


Pencil hardness tester paint films Scratches Tester 3 in 1...

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