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Manufacturers three use type pencil scratch pencil hardness tester


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: ACE
  • Model Number: G3084
  • Product Name: Portable Steel Pencil Hardness Tester For Coating Paint Film
  • Model: G3084
  • Load: 500G,750G,1000G
  • Packaging: Plastic boxes
  • Hardness of test piece coating: 2H
  • Mitsubishi pencils: Sold separately
  • Power supply: Manual
  • Color: Other
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Application: Test the hardness

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard packing (plastic box)
A box only incluing one piece
Shipped in 5 days after payment
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 5 days after payment
Product Description

Mini-type pencil hardness tester is generally used to measure the hardness of the coating and other coatings.

Coating hardness is the paint manufacturing, coating use of the industry to determine the quality of the measured targets. Pencil scratch test coating hardness is since the eighties has been widely used in international testing methods. The instrument can be used in this laboratory can also be used for construction site, and in any direction on the film hardness test.

Structure and working principle:

Instrument for the mechanical, three-point contact with the measured surface (two points for the wheel, a point of lead) always ensure that the pencil and the measured surface to form an angle of 45 °, used to promote the movement of the instrument to complete the testing process.


1, preparation: Pencil sharpener pencil to expose lead core 5-6mm (must not be loose or scratch the cartridge) Hold the cartridge to "NO: 400" sandpaper into a 90 ° angle, and this The edge of the pencil to be rotated 180 ° after each use and then re-use, or re-grinding after the re-use .

2, the operation: the instrument on the formation of the table, the pad on the lower part of the instrument will cut a good pencil into the body of the main hole, pencil edge contact with the table, that is tightening screws.

3, the instrument is placed on the test board, force (the size of the force or to lead the edge of the broken or plow coating), to about 1mm per second speed forward. Starting with a pencil of intermediate hardness, each level of pencil plow has three 3mm long traces. Until the plow is not to find a pencil to scratch the film so far, the hardness of the pencil that is measured on the pencil hardness measured.Hardness of the series, from soft to hard:

6B.5B.4B.3B.2B.B.HB.F.H.2H.3H.4H.5H.6H a total of 14 species

Such as:Use H pencil surface without scratches;The use of 2H pencil surface and no scratches;

The use of 3H pencil surface scratches;The hardness of the test piece was 2H

pencil scratch pencil hardness tester,

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Portable Stainless Steel Pencil Hardness Tester...

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