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cable machine - portal type pay-off and take-up stand for cable machine

Pinghu Digong

structure: portal
model: φ1250、φ1600、φ2000、φ2500...
MOQ: 1 set


Rail(portal) Travelling Pay-off And Take-up Stand

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Mainly used for rolling up all kinds of cables with big diameter.

Structure:rail(portal) travelling type, gantry is made by bending and welding. The two top of the reel is driven by two motors to drive the screw nut to lift, each top of the reel can be individually or simultaneoursly lifted,and a dual protection device for mechanical and electrical equipment is provided. The function of the reel clamping is achieved by the reducing the speed of motor, and is equipped with clamp overload protection. When the pay-off stand is moved to left and right, it is controlled by centering device that installed in the front of the pay-off stand, ensure that the cable is always in the center position to release.

Pay-off tension: mechanical clamp type structure, the size of the pay-off tension is adjustable manually.

AC motor is used for take-up and traversing. Variable frequency controller adopts the brand of Danfoss ,PLC(Siemens) controlled. The frequent current control used as traversing. The tension should be controlled constantly when take-up, and the take-up speed should be followed automaticly by traversing. The traversing pitch and the take-up tension can be setted in the touch screen(Siemens).


Portal type pay-off stand:φ1250,φ1600,φ2000,φ2500,φ2800,φ3150,φ3600,φ3600A字型

Portal type take-up and traversing stand:φ1250,φ1600,φ2000,φ2500,φ2800,φ3150,φ3600,φ3600A字型

三、Technology data

model LM-1250 LM-1600 LM-2000 LM-2500 LM-3150
specification of suitable bobbin(mm) PN630-PN1250 PN800-PN1600 PN1000-PN2000 PN1400-PN2500 PN1600-PN3150
width of suitable bobbin(mm) 475-950 600-1180 750-1500 1180-1900 1180-2300
outside diameter of suitable cable(mm) ≤30 ≤30 ≤35 ≤45 ≤80
maximum loading(T) 3 6 8 12 15
take-up rotating speed(r/min) 10-35 10-35 6.2-25.6 4.9-20.6 3.3-13.8
take-up motor(DC kw) 5.5 4 5.5 5.5 7.5

四、Main pictures

portal type pay-off, portal type take-up, ,

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