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direct manufacturer manufacturing cable production machine CLY1250/1+4 planetary laying-up machine

Pinghu Digong

model: CLY1250/1+4
back-twising type: electrical motor
MOQ: 1 set


CLY1250/1+4(Non-stop electric preset back twist)

Planetary laying-up machine

一、 Application

The machine is used for cabling and armoring of various kinds of round and sector shaped cables such as three-core, four-core, fiver-core and “4+1”core.

二、 Componse:

1 Φ1250 rear cradle 1 set
2 Φ1250/4B stranding cage 1 set
3 Dual die holder 1 set
4 30KW variable frequency motor and main drive gearbox system 1 set
5 Φ400/2 common taping head 1 set
6 Φ630/2 semi-tangent taping head 1 set
7 vertical meter counter 1 set
8 φ2000 single wheel traction with 54-step gearbox 1 set
9 Φ2500 shaft-less take-up and traversing stand 1 set
10 Electrical control system、transmission system, safety protection system and foundation bolt
1 set

三、 Technology data:

1. Maximum cable diameter after laying-up: Φ80mm

2. Rotating speed: 14.11~33.62r/min

3. Laying-up pitch: 293~3121mm

4. Taping speed: 188~419r/min

5. Taping pitch: 24~234mm

6. Armoring speed: 161~369r/min

7. Armoring pitch: 27~273mm

8. Linear speed: 9.85~44.04 m/min

9. Center pay-off stand: PN1250

10. Specification of cradle in cage: PN1250/4 B

11. Take-up reel stand: PN1250~PN2500

12. Main motor power: 30KW variable frequency motor

13. Central height: 1000mm

四、 Characteristic:

1 Cradle uses electric retractable top,drive by separate motor. The upper plate and lower plate are fast and easy.
2 The differential gear back-twisting is used in the bobbin by. The back-twisting and non-back-twisting stranding can be realized in the pay-off stand with the cradle and in the drum stand of the bobbin bay.
3 Stranding cage is supported by dual-riding wheels,and it runs steady.
4 The cradle is of full closed structure, with motor-driven or manual telescopic top, facilitating the loading and unloading of the cable roll.

五、 设备参考图片:

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