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Automatic Banknote Paper Banding Machine BA25


Automatic Banknote Paper Banding Machine BA25

Product Description

Banding machine used for band a bundle of many kinds products. Such as books, priting, letters, cards, money, commodities, cosmetics, medical and other products. It will be convenient to sell the products. And east to move the packaging.

Banding products ?

Suitable for bundle of money, books, paper and any other abundle of products.

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What technical parameters of our banding machine ?

Model BA25
Strapping speed 30 bundles/ min
Applicable straps Paper
Strapping tension 5-40N
Power supply 220V/110V,50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 80W
Packing width 25-250mm
Packing height 5-250mm
Machine weight 35kg
Machine size 590*346*490mm

Automatic Banknote Paper Banding Machine,

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