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high speed 315/80 bobbin copper wire screening machine

Pinghu Digong

model: 315/80 B
drive type: groundshaft
MOQ: 1 set


φ315/80 B Copper Wire Screening Machine铜丝疏绕屏蔽机

一. Application

Mainly used for screening copper wire of various types of cables.

二. Componse:

1 Ф3150 shaft-less pay-off stand 1set
2 well-shaped wire guiding stand 1set
3 Ф400/2 common taping head 1set
4 Ф315/80 B stranding cage 1set
5 dual die holder 1set
6 30kw variable frequency motor and main drive gearbox system 1set
7 Ф630 concentric copper taping head 1set
8 Ф400/2 common taping head 1set
9 horizontal meter counter 1set
10 1600kg caterpillar traction device(with 54-steps gearbox) 1set
11 Ф3150 shaft-less take-up and traversing stand 1set
12 Electrical control system、transmission system, safety protection system and foundation bolt 1set

三. Technology data:

1. single wire diameter: Ф0.5~φ2.5mm

2. screening quantity: 80

3. cable diameter before screening : Ф15~Ф80mm

4. speed of stranding cage: 28.06~66.86r/min

5. screening pitch: 97~1028mm

6. speed of copper tape: 178~396r/min

7. pitch of copper tape: 16~162mm

8. taping speed: 178~396r/min

9. taping pitch: 16~162mm

10.maximum haul-off force: 1600kg

11.linear speed: 6.46~28.86m/min

12.Specification of cradle in cage PN315 reel stand: PN1600~PN3150

14.take-up reel stand: PN1600~PN3150

15.main motor power: 30kw 1500rpm

16.central height: 1000mm

四. Characteristic:

1、 Copper wire open lapping stranding cage is supported by non-riding wheel. Spindle adopts overall thick-walled seamless steel pipes, and respectively supported by stranding cage gearbox and large bearing in the front and rear. With hgih speed ,low noise and stable operation.

2、Stranding cage upper plate use plane shaft type and fast locking device, it is convenient and safe.

3、Stranding cage has a chassis , and adopts pneumatic brake.

五. Main pictures

wire screening machine, 315 screening machine, copper wire screening machine,

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