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high speed KJY500/36+36 steel wire armoring machine

Pinghu Digong

model: KJY500/36+36
drive type: groundshaft
MOQ: 1 set


KJY500/36+36 72B

Steel Wire Armoring Machine

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Mainly used for wire armoring of various types of cables and wire screening.

二、 Structure

Cage cradle, secondary structure, each section of the form10+10+10+6”

三、 Componse

1 Φ2500 shaft-less pay-off stand 1 set
2 Φ500/36 B stranding cage 1 set
3 Φ500/36 B stranding cage 1 set
4 dual die holder 2 set
5 90KW variable frequency motor and main drive gearbox system 1 set
6 φ500/2 semi-tangent taping head 1 set
7 Φ800/2 steel taping head 1 set
8 meter counter 1 set
9 Φ2500 dual wheel traction device with 54-step gearbox 1 set
10 Φ3150 shaft-less take-up and traversing stand 1 set
11 Electrical control system、transmission system, safety protection system and foundation bolt 1 set

四、 Technology data

1. single wire diameter: Φ0.6~Φ3.6mm

2 .wire quantity: 72

3. cable diameter befor armoring : Φ20~Φ120mm

4. rotating speed : 13.6~32.6 r/min

5. armoring pitch: 95~2647 mm

6. taping speed: 188~419r/min

7. taping pitch: 7~186mm

8 .steel taping speed: 118~270r/min

9. steel taping pitch: 11~297mm

10.linear speed : 3.1~35.0 m/min

11. main motor power: 90KW 1500rpm

12.specification of cradle in cage : PN500

13. haul-off device: Φ2500 dual wheel traction reel stand: PN1250~PN2500

15.take-up reel stand: PN1600~PN3150

16. take-up motor: 10Kg.m torque motor

五、 Foundation drawing

六、 Main pictures

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