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Dalong Intelligent shoes heel seat lasting machine shoes making machine B3


Product Description

Dalong Intelligent automatic shoes heel seat lasting machine Mod. B3

Excellently Embody Ultimate Luxury
Exceed So-called Perfect Classic

Refresh the understanding upon fashionable technology by personality and luxurious appearance
Declare inherent nature, stimulate a shinning charm
Give out irresistible charm, just as powerful energy surging from the depth of heart

Taste technology, accumulate steadily to immerse in the happiness of making shoes
Powerful, keen and perfect details contain design inspiration
Elegant dynamic feeling and unique fashion show noble demeanor

Function Features:

1. Dalong Intelligent automatic shoes heel seat lasting machine B3 has full sizes of wipers and forming bands which fit for no matter man shoes and lady shoes.

2. Wrapped around by chain, the forming bands could ensure good forming effect.

3. The adopted gear, gear racks and ratchets could adjust the auxiliary support quickly and precisely.

4. The machine is access to last the shoes with general and soft mid-soles with the heels less than 180mm.

5. Equipped with the lasting height slightly adjusting device,accurate positioning and machine adjusting could be ensured.

6. The second time rising and pressing of last support, together with the wiper-heating device to perfect the lasting effect.

Product Parameters:

Capacity:2000 Pairs/8h
Hydraulic pressure:4Mpa
Heating Power:0.5kw

shoes heel seat lasting machine,

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