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Dalong China New type Intelligent computerized non cementing toe lasting machine A1


Product Description:

The newly type Intelligent computerized toe lasting machine A1 is the Sagacity Series newly launched by Dalong Machinery, which is the bright pearl of shoes making machine industry.

The New Generation of Sagacity Series,
with Luxury Quality and Superior Technology
Masterpiece of Intelligent Performance

A series Toe lasting machines are the typical products among all Dalong product lines
Being motionless, it also can stimulate your desire for purchasing
Sculptural lines, the waistlines with
strong muscular sense can invariably manifest its powerful energy
Elegant figure has aroused the attention of all customers in shoes making machinery industry

Fashionable classical sagacious machine types
Depending on surging power, excellent shape design and exquisite workmanship
Win wide recognition from markets,
fully satisfy your comprehensive requirements for machine types
Become a classical masterpiece popular worldwide, make you decide quickly

Functional Features:

1. Adopt all-in-one integrated control panel: The all-in-one integrated control panel reflect user friendly pursuit

2. Pincer Plate Flexible Adjustment: Pincers could be moved grouply in same direction (forward/backward) to have cementing plate adjusted.

3. Left/Right shoe automatic switching-over: Left shoe pincer and right shoe pincer could be automatically switching over to fit for correct formation.

4. The 2nd and 5th pincers rotation angle: The 2nd and 5th pincers could automatically rotate to fit for different shoe sizes.

5. Pincers separate control of clamping and releasing: Each pincers could be separately clamped and released by manually and automatically to reduce the upper tension.

6. imported mute hydraulic system: The precise screw pump replaced the traditional paddle pump to ensure the mute working environment.

7. Advanced Oil pump cooling system: The advanced and best performed oil pump cooling system ensures the working temperature same as normal, which is the best assurance of long time & stable working.

8. Timing system of heel advance movement:Heel advance simultaneous movement with last support ensures the best lasting effect.

9. The 2 phase rising of lasting support: The 2 phase rising of lasting support to decrease the upper breaking.

10. Adjusting of last support motor movement:The patented adjusting of last support motor movement ensures the fast adjustment of location of last support and pincers mechanism to fit for the best lasting effect and increase the productivity.

11. Fixing block adjustment by motor: this makes the adjustment for the lasting of shoes with different sizes more flexible and convenient.

12. Five-points toe band tightening mechanism: The five-points toe band tightening mechanism ensures toe part tightly wrapped which ensures the best pressing and lasting effect.

13. Two-stage semi-retreat switch control

14. Pincer plate memorial function: Pincer shape, wiper path and other important operating parameters can be stored for quick retrieval.

15. PLC Programmable with full color HMI ensures the easiest operation.

16. Toggle switch for option

Product Parameters:

Capacity:2000 Paris/8h
Hydraulic pressure:4-5Mpa
Heating Power:1.5kw

non cementing toe lasting machine,

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