Metal Forming Equipment

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Metal Stretch Forming Equipment Price


Main Technical Parameters

1. The maximum punch load:60kN

2. The maximum clamping load:20kN(the factory default value is 10 kN)

3. Load accuracy:±1%

4. Displacement accuracy:±1%

5. Test speed:2~100mm/min(At any rate constant speed control)

6. Punch stroke:60mm

7. Clamping stroke:40mm

8. Standard punching cup penetration mold: SØ20±0.05mm

9.Non-standard punching cup penetration mold:SØ8±0.02mm, SØ15±0.02mm

10. Standard die aperture diameter:Ø27±0.05mm

11. Non-standard die aperture diameter:Ø11±0.02mm, Ø21±0.02mm, Ø40±0.05mm

12. Standard mat die aperture diameter:Ø33±0.1mm

13. Non-standard mat die aperture diameter:Ø10±0.1mm, Ø18±0.1mm

14. Standard sheet sample thickness:0.1~2mm

15. Non-standard sheet sample thickness:0.05~3mm

16. Max. Sheet sample width:100mm

17. Host power:1.5kW

18. Oil source cabinet power:0.75kW

19.System pressure: 2.5MPa

Standard Configuration

1. Host one;

2. Computer one;

3. Controlling system one set(our company has its own intellectual property rights);

4. Hydraulic clamping oil source and contrplling system one set

5. Standard punching cup penetration mold, die aperture and mat die aperture one set

Metal Stretch Forming Equipment,

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