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Cold Room Refrigeration Unit


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the combination of cold storage can be directly installed in the field, with a short construction cycle, the use of the production is fast. Therefore, it is widely used in various enterprises, institutions, hotels, restaurants, shops and other departments, as meat, eggs, dairy products, seafood and other food refrigeration.

High temperature Library Board(embossed Aluminum base plate,embossed galvanized plate,color steel library board,stainless steel library plate),the core material is filled with polyurethane foam molding,with excellent thermal insulation performance.The assembly type cold storage,the storehouse board factory prefabrication,the structure standardization,after the manufacture,carries on the direct assembly to the scene,but also

May according to the customer request customization.that has the assembly to be quick,time saving,labor saving,the income quick effect and so on .

Cold Room Refrigeration Unit,

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cold room refrigeration units made in China...


Monoblock Cold Room Refrigeration Unit...

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