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monoblock small refrigeration unit for cold room


Modular cold room is equipped with PU panel and high quality monoblock refrigeration unit. The PU panel with 42 kg/m3 density, at least 0.5 mm Baosteel two sides color plate, so the cold room can keep 20 years lifetime. The monoblock unit with original new Danfoss and Embraco compressor, 95% components imported from EU, like Dixell thermostat, Italy castle and so on. Modular cold room is very easy to install. You can assemble by yourself. Zero installation cost!

cold room installation is easy

Each panels will be marked with unique number and with zinc-coated cam lock, you just need to use an allen key and lock different panels together. Then seal them with silicon, it’s done!

Monoblock refrigeration unit installation is easy!

The hole is pre-cut on wall panel before delivery. After you assemble the PU panel, you just need to mount the monoblock unit onto it and connect it to power.

Ventilation air will be release to outdoor

If your warehouse is very limited and ventilation is not good, like kitchen, we will add the centrifugal fan for monoblock unit; it can transfer the heat to outside and keep monoblock unit work normally.

Successful Case

Outdoor cold room

Customer info: These cold rooms are for a farmer. He put the cold room on trailers and sell the meat in bazaar. He put the cold room outdoor to store fresh meat for few days.
Order info:
Monoblock refrigeration units with single phase power 230V
Modular cold room, sizes 1.8x2x2.2m, 2x2x2.4m, etc

refrigeration unit for cold room,

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Monoblock Cold Room Refrigeration Unit...

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