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ASU Cryogenic Air Gas Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Plant


ASU Cryogenic Air Gas Separation Plant Oxygen Generating Plant

Air separation plant produce GOX, GAN and GAr simultaneously. It operates on a low pressure cycle and is used to produce pure oxygen and nitrogen from air by means of cryogenic rectification. The feed air is first liquefied by the refrigeration produced by turbo-expander and then rectified for two times on the basis of the different boiling points between liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. As a result, oxygen at a purity of over 99.6% and nitrogen at a purity of over 99.9995% can be obtained from the plant. If required, the plant can also produce liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen partially by means of modified operation.For different product capacity and configuration, different process will be preferred


a.Purifying air by molecular sieve adsorption makes the process simple, start-up and operation easy and safe, switch-over loss small and rectifying condition stable.
b. By using the pre-cooling system to cool the air with normal temp. Thus it makes the molecular sieve adsorbent in good condition.
c.For the use of the automatically controlled filter, the air bearings turbo-expander and the aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, the stability, safety and reliability of the whole plant are improved greatly.
d.By using a new construction of the evaporator-condenser to avoid the accumulation of C-H chemical compounds.

Working Principle

a.air compression and pre-filter system: air is compressed by screw compressor. Then part of free water and oil is removed by the following oil-water separator

b.Air pre-cooling purification system: After compression and water separation, air enters the pre-cooling unit and be pre-cooled. Then it enters into two stage of fine filter to further filter out water, oil and gas.

c.Air purification system:After pre-cooling and purification, air enters into the molecular sieve purification system, Gaseous impurities such as the remaining water, carbon dioxide are removed by molecular sieve absorption

d.Distillation system:After pre-cooling and purification, basically, the air can be considered to be a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.It then enters into the distillation system in the fractionating tower, after expansion refrigeration, distillation of liquefied; we can get the liquid product of 99.6% oxygen and 99.9995% nitrogen

e.Liquid reserves pressurization system: Getting out from the distillation system, oxygen and nitrogen gas are sent into the free water compressors to boost the pressure to that user need

ASU Cryogenic Air Gas Separation Plant,

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