Medicinal crushing machinery

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ZN Series Chinese medicine crushing machine


ZN Series Chinese medicine crushing machine

Brief Introduction:

Our ZN Series Chinese medicine crushing machine is an ideal machine for crush the Chinese medical just like:

pseudo-ginseng, mountain arrowhead, frankincense, myrrh, donkey-hide gelatin, Dodder, hippocampus, astragalus, assesglue, Chinese caterpillar fungus, cassia twig etc.Broken time is not more than 3 seconds.

Motor rpm: 25000rpm/min

Working time: 5min

Interval time: 10min


1. Its structure is nicety, bulk small, light, effect is high, no dust.

2. High precision, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust, clean, simple operation, beautiful shape, both power and safe and so on.

3. Crush groove and the blade of whole stainless steel, the body of Aluminium alloy, the real high-speed high-power motors, it reaches to 25000(r/m)

4. Grinding range: salt, coffee, soybean, spice, grain, wheat, pepper, peanut, tobacoo, herbs and so on. Takes only 10-15seconds, can be completely to powder, for the coffee powder, it can melt into water immediately.

5. lifespan: generally speaking, it can be used for 8-10years even longer.

6. Advantage: it is more convenient and save effort, the effect is completely powder.

7. The key of this machine is it adopts the high speed motor and the high speed antifriction bearing. While working the the speed of the motor is whirling steadily at the speed of 2500r/min to crush many kinds of medicine.


Model ZN-200 ZN-500
ShapeSlantingMotor 220V 900W 25000r/min 220V 1300W 25000r/min
Weight 6.5 kg 10.5kg
Volume 0.8 L 1.8L
Capacity 50-200g 50-500g
Fineness 60-180 /Mash
Size 200×220×320 mm 200×230×360mm

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