Heat treatment production line

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Deformed Steel Bars 2-ribbed Rebar Production Line with Heat treatment


Product Description

2-ribbed cold rolling mill

This cold rolling mill is the main part for 2 ribbed cold rolling automatic production line. It has large, medium and small types to meet different needs of customers. Through solid mid-frequency heating, tensile strength of rebar can be reached to 400Mpa, 500Mpa and 600Mpa.

Technical specifications

We can provide different model numbers according to your requirements, such as LLZ210, LLZ228, LLZ250, LLZ285 etc.

Item Small type LLZ210 Medium type LLZ228 Large type LLZ285 Unit
Raw material φ 6.5-10 φ 6.5-12 φ 10-16 mm
Roller diameter Φ210 Φ228 Φ285 mm
Power 55-75 75-110 130-160 kw
Center distance between gears 650 650 700 mm
Rolling speed 1.5-2 1.5-3 2-3 m/s
Cutting length 1.5-12 1.5-12 1.5-12 m
Motor of flying shear 5.5 7.5 15 kw
Product specification Φ5-8 Φ5-10 Φ8-14 mm
Output 20-35 25-50 60-80 T/Shift

Main parts of the machine

1. Hard alloy rollers

2. Machine base

3. Motors, press motor, brake motors

4. Transmission rod

5. Reducer

Production Line with Heat treatment,

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