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Automatic modified atmosphere packaging machine for food fruit container



Automatic modified atmosphere packaging machine for food fruit container is ideal for packing the different food,fruit,vegetable etc to keep the refreshness.

Modified atmosphere packaging,also called MAP,is the advanced technique of international food fresh package.It adopts mixed gas of CO₂, N₂, O₂ to replace the air inside the package, utilizing different function of gas to stop most of microbe to reproduce which results in food going bad, and reduce the speed food breathes, so to lengths the food shelf life and keep fresh.

Fuction overview:

Insert gas instead of air bag packaging,materials respiration has been to extend the shelf life.

Electricity, gas,machine control,PLC programming,easy to operate.

Optical tracking pattern covering film,no box,with box misplaced automatic shutdown,ensure product quality.

Pressure sealing modes,sealing smooth and no leakage.

Advanced sealing toothed cutting way,the film edges neat,no edges.

The whole machine adopt SUS304 stainless steel sand blasting processing,except motor,electric equipment and other related component.

Technical parameter:

Power 220V-50Hz

Horseower 3.5kw

Working air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

Air Ventilation >220L/min

Air consumption 0.05-0.10Mpa

Air consumption According to the regulations of boxes

Gas packaging speed 800 boxes/hour

Common packing speed 1200 boxes/hour

specifications of coneyor 1500*800(conveyor is free)

The biggest box mold size 260*180*80(2boxes one time)

Overall weight 600KG

Overall dimensions 2200*900*1700(not include conveyor table)

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