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pipe hydrostatic testing machine/hydrostatic pressure testing equipment


Product Description


XGY series Pipeline hydrostatic pressure testing machine/ Hydrostatic pressure testing equipment/ pipe hydrostatic testing machine/hydrostatic pressure testing equipment is designed according to ISO 1167, ASTM D-1598. It's mainly used to test the plastic pipeline, compound pipeline, such as PP-R, PP-B, PP-A, PVC, PE, PE-X etc. Under a stipulated constant hydrostatic pressure force, keeping provision time; Or inside the pipe, apply a constant and rapid hydraulic pressure to make the specimen broken in a short period time, check the max. Pressure force, then calculate the ring stress. This tester is necessary equipment for plastic pipe manufacturer.

Feature of mainframe:

***1, Computer control model, high intelligence, real-time monitor, auto-recorder pressure force and time, easy to operate and reliable.
***2, Continuous work to ensure complete the integral test; Easy to operate and maintain for each independent branch stations;
***3, Main components of the testing machine adopt imported brand parts, which is more stable and reliable;
***4, Test can be operated through the PC software, or manual operate on the meter of the mainframe;
***5, Pressure-time curve is available; Real-time pressure value checking is available;
***6, Setting the test parameter on the software, operate is free till the test finished;

pipe hydrostatic testing machine,

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