Force and deformation detector

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The paper tensile strength and deformation rate detector


new product :The paper tensile strength and deformation rate detector

1. Application:

It is applicable for wide range of material for tension, compression, bending, shearing and low cycle test. Suitable for metal, rubber, plastic, spring, textile, and components testing. It is widely used in the corresponding industries, research and development, test institutes and training centers etc.


ASTM, ISO, DIN, GB and other international standards.

3. Main Unit Feature:

4.1 Adopt floor structure,High Stiffness, lower for tensile, upper for compression,upper for tensile, lower for compression, double space. The beam is step less lifting.

4.2 Adopting ball screw drive, realize no clearance transmission,make sure the precision control of the test force and deformation speed.

4.3 The shiel plate with limit mechanism used to control the beam moving range, in order to avoid sensor damaged due to the moving distance is too large.

4.4 The table, moving beams is made of high quality precision machining steel plate , not only reduce the vibration generated by specimen fracture, but also improve the stiffness.

4.5 Three columns of mandatory orientation, make the main unit rigidity much improved, to further ensure the repeatability of measurement.

4.6 Adopt bolt type grip installation, make the grip replace easier.

4.7 Adopt AC servo driver and AC servo motor, with stable performance,more reliable. Have over-current, over-voltage, over speed, overload protection device.

deformation rate detector,

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