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winding deformation frequency response detector



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Output Voltage: 20Vpp (maximum, adjustable);

Output impedance: 50Ω;

Sweep range: 500Hz ~ 2MHz;

Scan mode: linear / logarithmic, interval can be set;

Frequency Accuracy: ≤ 0.01%;

Selected frequency bandwidth: 0.5% measuring frequency;

Detection range:-100dB ~ 20dB

Detection accuracy: ± 0.5dB


Meet the "DL 911-2004 frequency response analysis for winding deformation of power transformer" and other relevant industry standards.

base on FFT technology, achieve narrow-band frequency selective measurements, be with a strong anti-interference ability.
The flatness of channel frequency amplitude can be up to ± 1 dB and below, to ensure the comparability of response curve.
Rapid measurements, the measuring time of a single winding 1000 sweep point is less than 40 seconds.

Good repeatability, the response curves obtained by several tests of the same winding without changing maintain a high degree of consistency.

Multiple sweep method, a variety of curve, be easy to multidimensional data analysis.

Be with algorithm processing engineering correlation coefficient and theoretical correlation coefficient, express intuitively differences in frequency response curve by way of visual difference, provides a simple, intuitive diagnosis for data analysis of test.

Be with the capability

winding deformation frequency response detector,

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