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China Plug Pattern Disc Globe Valve


Product Name: China Plug Pattern Disc Globe Valve

Product Description

China Globe Valve Specifications

Generally, lift is just 1/4 of the valve seat port, ensuring a short Opening/closing time.
only one sealing face exists on the valve body and disc.

For large size valves will be designed with main disc and vice disc type, and medium flow from up disc to down disc.

The valve is designed as a back seat sealing structure.

Use flexible and woven graphite collaboration type packing.

China Globe Valve Advantage

The two opening ways for medium flowing in and out are at the same direction, forming an angle of 180°. This kind of globe valve makes the destructiveness of flowing state be relative less, thus reducing the pressure loss caused by the vale correspondingly.

China Globe Valve Application

Petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, light industry, power station, city building, water supply system, oil transportation, gas feeding, natural gas and long distance transportation pipes projects.

Applicable Standards:

Design & Manufacture according to : BS 1873;

Face to Face according to : ASME B16.10;

Flange Dimensions according to : ASME B16.5;

Pressure & Temperature according to : ASME B16.34;

Test & Inspection according to : API 6D / API 598;

Visual Inspection according to : MSS SP-55;

Marking according to : MSS SP-25.

Material For Choice:

Carbon steel

ASTM A216 WCB , etc

Low temperature steel

A352 LCB , etc

Cr-Mo steel

A217 WC6 ,WC9, etc

Stainless Steel

A351 CF8,CF3,CF8M,CF3M , etc

Alloy steel

Alloy 20 , etc

Super duplex

A995 4A ,5A ,6A , etc

Aluminum bronze

B148 C95500 , C95600 , C95800 , etc


Monel K400, K500


inconel 600 , etc


Hastelloy B , Hastelloy C276 , etc


Incoloy 825 , Incoloy 625 , etc

Plug Pattern Disc Globe Valve,

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