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28BYJ48 12v pet feeder motor 28mm miniatures stepper motor


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Maintex
  • Model Number: 28BYJ48-018
  • Phase: 4, 2
  • Type: Permanent Magnet
  • Certification: CCC, CE, ISO, ROHS, UL, TS16949
  • Step Angle(degrees): 5.625degree
  • Holding Torque: 20mN.m
  • Current / Phase: -
  • Driver method: 4phase,8bite
  • Step angle: 5.625
  • Reduction ratio: 1/16
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Resistance: 100Ω±10%
  • No-load pull out frequency: ≥1200hz
  • No-laod pull in frequency: ≥800hz
  • Pull in torque: ≥20mN.m
  • Detent torque: ≥20mN.m

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard package
Delivery Detail: 3

28BYJ48 12v pet feeder motor 28mm miniatures stepper motor


Diameter: 28 mm
Step Angle: 5.625 degree

Voltage: 4V, can be customized.

Phase: 4

Rotation: CW/CCW

Excitation: Bipolar, 1-2

Parameter of 28BYJ48 12v pet feeder motor 28mm miniatures stepper motor

Items Spec.
Step Angle(degrees) 5.625 degree/64
Holding Torque 60mN.m
Reduction Ratio 1:64
Detent torque ≥60mN.m
Pull out torque ≥60mN.m
Current / Phase 21 ohm±10%
Height of output shaft 10.2±0.5mm
Input Torque ≥60mN.m(DC4V,400HZ)
OEM Accept

miniatures stepper motor,

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