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RS485 signal digital number display instrument



1)absolute position measurement, display and control
2)Applies to various brands of RS485 signal sensor

RS485 signal digital number display instrument

XSDU digital meters receive the RS485 signal of absolute encoder and control instruments, 4 ~ 8 digital display, output to the default 1 to 4 switch position or parallel signal according to the requirements or 4 ~ 20mA transmitter output signal.


with the absolute value encoder and the RS485 signal, can be remote (1000 m) in the control cabinet panel to display the height, at the same time output 1 to 4 switch position or other signal conversion ,and can be used as the gate correcting, and the float water level remote display, the signal conversion unit.

Characteristic parameters

Input signal RS485
Digital display -1999 ~ 9999 to 4 digital or -19999 to 99999 5 digit LED display
Display window :1 to 2 display windows
Operating voltage 220VAC
External power supply the encoder power supply.
Output mode a) 1 - 4 point relay output optional; normally open normally closed passive node.
b) 4-20mA
c) Other output according to customer requirements
Ambient temperature -10 to 50 Celsius
Relative humidity <90%
Dimensions: 160mm × 80mm × 115mm (width, height, depth)
Hole Dimensions 152 x 75 panel tray
Communication interface photoelectric isolation the instrument address can be set 0~99, communication speed 2400,4800,9600,19200 can be set (standard 9600),
Optical isolation, the instrument address 99 can be set, to provide application software support.

digital number display instrument,

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