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automatic Batch Dosing liquid loading control system for petroleum chemical industry storage and loa


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automatic Batch Dosing liquid loading control system for petroleum chemical industry storage and loading process

General view of AWZ loading Controller / Loading Device:

Shenzhen Autoware Science & Technology Co., LTD Supply high quality Explosion-proof AWZ distribution Quantitative loading Controller / Dosing loading device, it is newly designed intelligent explosion-proof instrument, which is widely used in variety of conveying, loading & offloading and dosing tasks in loading & unloading and storage of Petroleum industry, chemical industry and Pharmaceutical Industry. AWZ loading Controller / Dosing loading device is assembled by intelligent controller and operation terminal, combining with industrial configuration software and control algorithm, AWZ loading Controller Dosing loading device has features of high accuracy control, stable performance, easy to operate and maintain etc. This loading controller also can easily communicate with other management system because it is with serial interface or Ethernet interface suitable for MODBUS communication protocol.

AWZ loading Controller device can match with various flow meter, thermometer, liquid level gauge, grounding switch, control valve, computer control system etc and form a complete AWZ distribution Quantitative loading Control system. This loading control device can individually work, which operated and monitored by site operator, or together work which remotely operated by connecting with computer in control room, thus can collect site parameters into control room for management, display and printing various statement sheets or reports.

Features and functions:

1. One AWZ Loading Controller can control 1~4 loading position at same time.

2. AWZ Loading controller can control ratio of medium loading & offloading.

3. Adjust volume based on differences of density and volume which caused by temperature. There are hand-actuated and automatic ways.

4. Static grounding protection, AWZ Loading Controller can assure safety by stopping system operation once static wire don’t grounded.

5. Oil Spilling protection, AWZ Loading Controller can automatically turn valve and pump off once spilled oil been detected.

6. Emergency Stopping, by pressing emergency button, system can stop working once any emergency or dangerous happen.

7. AWZ Loading controller is with remote control and site control modes, can be switched easily.

8. Power off protection, whenever working records and parameters failed to save due to power off, system can keep working based on the last records when power recovered.

9. Self detect function, AWZ Loading instrument can detect self-failure and make warning.

10. Access Authorization, AWZ Loading controller is designed to available for setting up access rights and password, which can assure security for both data and system.

11. Compatible communication protocol, AWZ Loading control device system is workable for both MODBUS and Ethernet communication.

12. On the condition of complete explosion-proof, AWZ Loading controller can read IC card and writ data, which simplify process but reinforce management.

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