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Fully auto aluminium house foil roll production machine



Fully auto aluminium house foil roll production machine is Europe technology machine for high speed less labor involved aluminium house foil roll production for finished roll with label attached.

This model is a fully Automatic rewinder machine with labelling device for rewind mother roll of aluminium kitchen foil,house foil roll etc for small house roll for kitchen service.

based on the European model,we have upgraded the technology into more of user friendly,it is with the patented design as follow points:

Automatic mother roll feeding

Automatic craft core gluing system

Automatic craft core exchanging

Automatic cut off while reaching of length setting

Automatic labelling attachment

Automatic finished product roll delivery system

Premium top brand of PLC+LCD Monitor

Speed control by premium inverter

Break system made by magnetic powder break device with max consideration

Detailed Specification:

Raw material:Aluminium foil

Thickness of raw material: 5 to 50micro

Total width of raw material: 100/200/290/300/450mm

Max OD mother roll:600mm

Mother roll ID:3/6inch

Rewinding roll ID:25/28/30/35/38/40mm etc

Rewinding roll length setting:2-150meters

Speed:maximum 300m/min

Total power requirement:4.7kw

Pneumatic supply:0.5Mpa

Net Weight:1500kg

Machine dimension:3500x1350x1500mm LWH

Volt:220/380/415v,3phase or customized


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