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air flotation units in sludge drying equipment


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Multi-Disk Dewatering Screw Press in wastewater treatment Description

Multi-Disk Dewatering Screw Press( Hereinafter referred as MDS ) in wastewater treatment belongs to the screw press, it's clog-free and can reduce the sedimentation tank and sludge thickening tank, saving the cost of sewage plant construction. MDS using screw and the moving rings to clean itself as clog-free structure, and controlled by the PLC automatically, it's a new technology that can replace the traditional filter press like belt press and frame press, the screw speed is very low, so it cost low power and water consumption in contrast to the centrifuge, it is a cutting edge sludge dewatering machine.

The initial section of dewatering drum is the Thickening Zone,Where the solid-liquid separating process takes place adn where the filtrate will also be discharged. The pitch of the screw and the gaps between the rings decrease at the end of dewatering drum,hence increasing its internal pressure. At the end, the End plate further increases the pressure, so as to discharge dry sludge cake.

air flotation units in sludge drying equipment,

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